Top 10 Things NOT To DO

1. Practice everyday

In order to get better you need to be able to practice on what you want to improve on. There’s no other way to get better that to practice everyday and train.

2. No Excuses

Don’t make up excuses on why you can’t go or you don’t feel like practicing today. In order to improve you have to be able to make time to be able to practice. If you miss a day of practice, you would have to make that day up on a practice and train twice as hard.

3. Do drills that will actually help you

Don’t just do drills that are easy or drills that you’ve done before. Do drills that will help you improve and get better at what you want to improve. It’s okay if you fail, you learn from your mistakes. Not every professional player didn’t just get good all of a sudden, they trained every single day until they mastered it. Even still they would practice to make sure they won’t mess up.

4.  Work hard 

Even though you’re practicing everyday, you have to work really hard in order to improve yourself and get better. Yes practicing everyday helps, but it doesn’t help if your hardly doing anything to reach towards your goals. So you always have to train very hard every practice in order to reach your goals.

5. Know your limits

Practice everyday, but don’t practice for four hours everyday. That’s not good because after you do that your body will stop functioning the way you want to because you’re getting your body more tired and sore. Plus, you can get an injury from practicing too much because your body is telling to stop for the day, if you don’t stop then you’ll start getting craps or sometimes pull one of your ligaments that you have been using a lot during that practice.

6. Eat healthy 

If you don’t have a good health, then it will difficult for you to get better and improve yourself. The reason I say this is because if all you eat is junk food you won’t a lot of energy to go out and practice, you’ll get tired quicker, and also you’ll feel really lazy because all that junk food you ate is just sitting around your stomach. And instead of getting stronger, you’ll be gaining weight and not being able to play like you use to.

7.  Don’t fool around 

Every time you go to practice you need to be serious and not just be fooling around all the time. In order to improve yourself, you need to take it serious and be focused throughout the whole practice. If you fool around then you won’t get any better, you’ll be in the same level as you were yesterday. You’re just wasting your time fooling around in practice and not getting any better.

8. Play with heart

Use what you’ve been practicing in the game because that’s another way where you can get better and improve yourself. If you do what you’ve been doing at practice in the game, you’re getting closer to completing your goal. That’s another step closer to fulfill your dream.

9. Ignore the Negativity

There’s always going to be someone that wants you to fail and not be successful. They try to put you down and like to mess with your head because they don’t want you to have a successful life. They want you to quit and not push your limits, they don’t want to see you having a better life than them because in this world it’s all about competition and see who’s better than who.

10. Don’t Be Lazy 

Once you know what you want to do or a certain goal you want to complete, you have to go and work for it. Don’t just sit on your butt and expect that you’ll reach your goal.  Depending on what you want to do, you need to be able to work hard in order to reach your goal. Nothing is given to you, you have to earn it.


Progress On Left Foot Ability

High School Season

I have been training my left foot more and more since High School season and I’m up to the point where I’m able to do long passes in the air. I have been training everyday except on Wednesdays and Fridays because I play those days. But I try to do short passes and long passes during the games. That way I can get better with my left foot. The drills we do at practice has also been making me be able to practice with my left foot because we do quick short passes, and other drills where we do long passes. At some points, I try to shoot a couple times with my left foot with the drills we do when we shooting drills. Also, I try to cross them with my left foot more than my dominant foot when we do crossing drills. That way by the end of the season I’ll be ready to go back to my club team and kick with both my feet.

Indoor Soccer

I also started playing indoor soccer and that helps me get better shooting with my left foot because all the shots you take need to be really hard since the goal is really small compared to a normal soccer goal. In an indoor soccer game, the game is really fast since the field is small and there’s only two 20 minute halves. At first you get tired, but after awhile you get the rhythm and start to get more condition because you’re constantly running throughout the whole game. But like I have always said, it takes patience, passion, and determination. In order to get better, you have to keep practicing until you don’t get it wrong.




My goal is to get better kicking a soccer ball with my left foot because I want to be able to use both legs whenever I play soccer. Since God gave us two legs to play, we should be able to use them equally. I decided to do this since I play soccer and I believe I would be more helpful to my team. The way I’m going to reach my goal is by practicing on my left foot everyday and do different drills. And also try to be as accurate as I can be when I shoot with my left foot. fe831a41693dbe6a476ffc6ccfa06666

The person that will be my mentor is my father because he always pushes me to get better on whatever I face my mind to because he believes that I will accomplish my goals. One of the obstacles I am going to face is my injury. I have a sprained MCL on my right knee. MCL stands for Medial Collateral Ligament, and it’s the ligament inside the knee that connects the thighbone to the bone of the lower leg.

And I plan to heal my knee as quick as possible and being able to start practicing once I’m ready to play again, so I can practice on improving my left foot. I haven’t started documenting my progress yet, but I will start very soon. IMG_8808

The thing with these injuries is that it takes time for it to heal completely. There is a point where you’re good enough to play. Once your season is over during the off-season you need to work on it and strengthen it, so that way you’re strong and prepared for the regular season. Cause in order to become the best, you have to work a thousand times harder than you usually do.